Moving Spools for Gorgon

The heavy lift and load-out of subsea spools on the Chevron operated Gorgon Project.

The scope of work undertaken by Tutt Bryant included the receipt of spool data, proposal of optimal crane configurations to match the fabrication yard and wharf layout and production of crane lift study engineering data. Complex lifting work activity included client lift study approval, trial lift of spools to check dimension, pitch and roll when suspended and ensure suitability for trouble-free subsea installation. Then once the spool passed compliance and met all specifications, Tutt Bryant would then lift and shift the spools onto the wharf and barges.

The complexity of the work scope meant that Tutt Bryant had to effectively plan and provide comprehensive and varied solutions. In Tutt Bryant’s favour was the availability of a 1600 tonne heavy lift crawler crane, the only one of its type in Australia. The provision of the 1600 tonne crawler crane along with ancillary cranes supported by project superintendents, project supervision, SPMT and low loader transport, crane operators and riggers enabled Tutt Bryant to systematically plan and offer a range of holistic solutions.

Lifting operations ramped up into 24-hour, 7 days a week shift work operations for the peak work load of the contract. As the contract progressed, a number of sequence and fabrication changes were required to maintain productivity and cost effectiveness for fabrication and subsea installation being completed by the client.

An approved and custom designed tugger winch system was installed on the CC8800-1 crane to improve safe systems of work and eliminate risks related to use of manual tag lines for such long and heavy objects under hook. In particular, the pick and carry lifting activity to the load out wharf was impressive to watch due to the diligent and highly skilled crane operators in the team. The ease and smoothness of travel for such large and heavy loads made a complex job look easy. The ability for Tutt Bryant to offer a “one-stop shop” solution without needing to engage numerous third party providers ensured a streamlined transition from one area to another allowing for more efficient timelines. Tutt Bryant completed the final lift in December 2014.