Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge

A mega sea crossing project linking Hong Kong with Zhuhai and Macau.

The bridge, when completed, will be the longest bridge in the world, equivalent to more than 15 Golden Gate Bridges end-to-end. The longest section of the bridge is 29.6 km and the project also includes 42-km three-lane dual highway, two artificial islands and tunnels (including a 6.7 km long underwater tunnel in the busy Pearl River Estuary). The HZMB is also constructed to stringent engineering requirements to withstand typhoons and tidal waves and is subject to strict environmental controls to minimise the impact of the construction on the marine life.

Tat Hong HeavyEquipment (Hong Kong) Limited provided lifting services for the project involving more than 40 cranes ranging in size from 40 tonnes to 400 tonnes. Some of the lifting services were conducted on with cranes on barges which introduced further challenges to an already stringent engineering and environmental requirements. In addition, there were also the challenges of height restriction as the area is in close proximity to the airport and certain areas where work can only be undertaken at night.

The projects that we worked on included the Circular Sheet Piling for the Hong Kong Border Crossing Facilities, the Hong Kong Link Road (road linking the artificial island to the main bridge) and the link road/tunnel connecting Hong Kong mainland to the artificial island.