The National Centre for Exhibition and Convention (NCEC Shanghai)

Currently, the largest single-block building in the world, with total construction area of 1.47 million m2.

The NCEC Shanghai is a key project of China’s convention and exhibition strategic plan and is part of Shanghai’s 12th five-year plan. Located in the western suburbs of Shanghai’s QingPu district, Xu Jing town, the NCEC is the largest single block building in the world with total construction area of 1.47 million sqm of which 1.27 millon sqm are above ground and 200,000 sqm underground with a building height of 43 metres.

Tower cranes for the construction of the NCEC were supplied by our subsidiaries Jiangsu Zongjian Tat Hong Machinery Construction Co., Ltd and Huaxing Nuclear Tat Hong Machinery Construction Co, Ltd on a turnkey basis including the rental, installation, operations and management services. A total of 41 tower cranes were use during the construction of this prestigious project.