Crane Rental

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Operating one of the largest and most comprehensive crane fleets in the region, we offer customers the full suite of all types of cranes including crawler cranes, mobile cranes and rough-terrain cranes for wet or dry hire.

From direct rental to complex heavy lift solutions, our customers are assured of unparalleled services from lifting specialists as well as quality lifting assets that are continually renewed to ensure that our cranes meet the most stringent requirements of the various industries that we serve such as infrastructure, transportation, engineering, petrochemical and oil and gas.  

Complementing our cranes is a versatile fleet of barges and crane barges that provides specialised services such as shore-to-ship lifting services and near-shore lifting services for the load-out of oil and gas modules, the construction of bridges, artificial islands and wharves, among other projects.

With a permanent and enlarged fleet in Singapore supported by localised fleet across all our operations, we are able to undertake all crane rental and heavy lift project requirements even in countries where we do not have a physical presence such as the Philippines, India, the Middle East and even Africa.